Bake Well, Bake Vegan: Vegan Bakewell Cheesecake

Hello lovely readers, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend. I spend much of mine cooking, recipe writing, photographing and best of all, baking this delicious cheesecake! This was my breakthrough cheesecake recipe! It was the first cheesecake (vegan or otherwise) that I made and thought, “this could beat shop-bought non-vegan cheesecake any day of the week). It really does have something special about it. Maybe it’s the scrumptious almond crust. Maybe it’s the silky smooth creamy filling. Maybe it’s the homemade jam topping. Who knows? I’m happy just to eat!

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Seitan Goujons and BBQ Onions

This recipe has been kid-approved by my 17-month-old and 10-year-old sons, who have polished this off without fail every time I’ve made it! I know there are a wealth of vegan mac ‘n’ cheese recipes out there already, but I’ve been experimenting a lot with different recipes and this one really stood out for me. The combination of BBQ sauce with mac ‘n’ cheese is amazing, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these seitan goujons! This is also a fantastic combination in a sandwich on a crusty roll or a baguette.

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Vegetable Dhansak with Pilau Rice and Simple Homemade Chapattis

I’m very excited to bring you my first recipe post, which I hope will be the first of many! Today I am offering up an amazing Indian feast. I am completely in love with Indian cuisine, to the point where my house usually smells like a Bombay street market (or at least, how I imagine a Bombay street market smells)! Dhansak is a hot, sweet and sour dish containing lentils and often including pineapple, and it has to be my favourite Indian dish. For this recipe I’ve teamed up the dhansak with some traditional pilau rice and homemade chapattis.

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