Mediterranean-Style Pesto Spaghetti

This mouth-watering pasta dish is my absolute favourite post-workout meal. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard this week after not exercising for a whole month. Needless to say when I get home after an intense class I need a meal that’s quick, fuss-free and full of healthy carbs to refuel my body. This dish ticks all those boxes plus it has a delicious array of flavours!

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Spicy Vegan Chorizo Hash

As a meat eater, corned beef hash was one of my favourite comfort foods. For me, it wasn’t really about the corned beef, which invariably came from a tin, but more about the simplicity of throwing things together, frying them up and sticking an egg on top. Simple, easy and delicious. In my five years as a vegetarian (one of those as a vegan) I could never come up with a satisfying substitute for this family favourite. Until now…

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Vegan Vegetable Korma – Virtually Fat Free!

Korma, as most readers will probably know, is a mild dish which is traditionally laden with dairy products such as cream or yoghurt, both of which can be easily replaced with non-dairy versions. However, for this dish instead of adding cream I used blended silken tofu, and it worked perfectly! The tofu not only gives the sauce a thick, creamy, silky smooth texture but is a much healthier, low fat alternative.

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