Introducing The Green Genie


Pilau riceMinted Mushy Peas

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post! I have a deeply rooted passion for vegan cooking; when I’m not cooking food I’m either thinking about, writing about, talking about or eating food! Every day I read cookbooks, food magazines and blogs, I try out new recipes, I write my own recipes. So now I’ve decided it’s time to share those recipes with the world!

All my life I’ve had an immense love of animals, from my childhood goldfish to the two cats who are now my owners, I’ve held animals in as much high esteem as any member of my family or closest friends. Almost five years ago, when I was 23, I gave up eating meat. Instantly I felt a great release, like I was finally eating in a way that felt natural to me. For a while, being vegetarian was enough. Then, last year, I started looking into veganism. I had always been skeptical, telling myself that removing all animal products from my diet and lifestyle was a step too far, but really I think my obsession with cheese was the main reason I didn’t become vegan years ago!

I’m not here to tell anyone the facts about factory farming, dairy-farming, beekeeping or any other practice which I’ve come to abhor; there are places all over the internet for that. I’m also not here to try to convert anyone to veganism. I am not an activist, I make my own decisions and don’t force them upon other people. However, I will share the one reason, above all other reasons, why I am now and will always be vegan: I would not, under any circumstances, treat a fellow human being the way we, as a society, treat animals.

If you want to know more about veganism and animal rights, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do your own research. The world is your oyster! For me, I want to show people the magical possibilities of vegan cooking! This blog, in a sense, is the ultimate answer to the question people most frequently ask when I tell them I am vegan:

“What do you eat?!”

It is a common misconception that a vegan diet is necessarily restricted and dull. In fact, I believed the myth myself for too long; I thought becoming vegan would mean giving up all my favourite foods. We’re talking pizza, mac ‘n’ cheese and, above all, cheesecake (oh, how I love cheesecake!). The reality, however, is so much different! I eat all the foods I used to love and so much more besides! A whole world has opened itself to me and I have discovered an unbridled passion for foods I never would have imagined I could come to love so much!

I know this post has been long, and I thank you for reading if you’ve made it this far! Please check back for some mouth-watering recipes soon, but for now here is a taster of things to come…

DSCN0219 DSCN0233 DSCN0041 DSCN0042

Coming soon! A delicious Indian feast including vegetable dhansak, pilau rice and homemade chapattis, Better-than-fishcakes with chunky baked chips and minted mushy peas, a delectable vegan Bakewell cheesecake and so much more! Please check back soon!


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